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The obligatory year two reflection post

So my basic reason for doing the Tech Fellows thing was to successfully move two linguistics courses I regularly teach (LING A101: Nature of Language and ENGL A476: History of the English Language) online. Success. Of course, there’s success and

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So my bio is done! Do I get a cookie for being quite possibly the last one to complete that assignment?

Reactions to teaching online

So I’m feeling a bit stretched thin, what with teaching two online courses (an upper-division course in the history of the English language, and a lower-division no-prerequisites survey course in linguistics)—I’d originally signed up for one, but circumstances changed that

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Google knows

Some of the comments about Google this morning brought this article from The Onion a couple years ago to mind: Google Responds to Privacy Concerns With Unsettlingly Specific Apology.

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Classic visual presentation

Speaking of visual presentation of information, i think we would all be remiss if someone didn’t post a link to one of the most classic examples of the genre, one that schoolchildren across the country memorize each year, the Gettysburg

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Prezis and hard numbers

I started out looking at “Great Jazz Bassists and Their Influence” (a Prezi) and “The Butterfly Effect: Design and Democracy” (on Bēhance), both of which were, i think, successful. I decided, though, that i’d like to see what issues students

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Our new truck!

So Douglass Bourne and I finished our truck reasonably easily (after following video directions). We had to pause it a couple times, and there was only once or maybe twice that we had to backtrack to clarify something, but it

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Prepping for the morrow

So I was looking at tomorrow’s schedule, and I saw that we’re starting with something called a “Lego Activity”. As a parent of Lego-loving children, I can say that this means precisely one thing: Everybody needs to wear hard-soled shoes.

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Videotaped silliness

Here’s a link to my video from today’s session. Hope you enjoytolerate it!

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Media resources: Adding humor to my classes

I use media resources occasionally in my courses, mainly to add a bit of lightness to the day. So, just to give a few examples from YouTube, in a unit on Old English I might use this video of the story

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