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lego: full circle

this seems like days ago… I’m always hesitant to put my “original” images online and in public so I often use apps to play with images.  This was created with the paper camera app.  It offers different filters than instagram

Development Day

Great panel and so nice to meet the second year tech fellows 

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course artifacts

A few years ago I wrote an article on When College Is a Means to the End In the article, I discuss how I started shaping my courses around training students in skills that they could later put on their

#iteachak inside all day

why are so many of our classrooms poor examples of the built environment? how much we build a better classroom not just through technology – but through a better built environment?

searching for images with google: a copyright tip

Usually when I am looking for images, I first do a Google image search. Until recently, I wasn’t too concerned about copyright issues until I began to think about how I wouldn’t want someone using my photos (such as something


This TED talk called: Txtng is killing language. JK!!! is fantastic. Often, in work emails, someone will respond to me by writing LOL and I knew that they didn’t necessarily mean LOL. This TED talk “unpacks” what LOL really means

how to use your iphone abroad

I’ll be traveling abroad soon and while I’m there I’ll be teaching my summer course online. On past trips abroad, I’ve been able to connect to email and blackboard on wifi, but this time I wanted to buy a local

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