Accessibility Ideas

Even though I know quite a lot about the importance of color contrast from my son and his experiences, I realized today that I have neglected to make sure that I learn the ways to adjust it in my Blackboard course shells. I need to fix several things in my course shells to improve color contrast, especially on important links. I’ll also remember now to pay more attention to which powerpoint backgrounds and styles that I choose, and I will go for those with good contrast — and skip over the ones I used to choose just for artistry, even when the contrast was less than best. I like the links for adjusting font sizes, etc. and I plan to include them in my courses — not just for those who identify themselves as visually challenged, but also for those, like me, who are getting just a little older and finding our glasses don’t work quite like they used to! Especially when we (and some of our students) would rather not admit that!

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